March 3, 2021

Just Published: Issue 31 of the Oddball Stocks Newsletter!

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Dollar Plays

My firm’s director of Institutional Asset Management did a great Fortune column looking at the tendency of different asset classes to rise or fall concurrently with weakness or strength in the US dollar… When the dollar is up, gold, foreign developed, and emerging-market stocks tend to perform poorly. And when the dollar is down, gold, foreign developed, and emerging-market stocks tend to perform admirably. In...

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The Hardest Investing Questions to Answer

Regression to the mean has to be one of the philosophical underpinnings of any decent investment strategy. Since nothing works all the time, you have to be willing to bet that the good times won’t last forever but neither will the bad times. Using this framework to guide your actions allows you to lean into the pain when things aren’t going well and avoid getting overconfident when things are going gangbusters...

10 years ago

In July of 2010, I put the blog on hiatus for a week and a half as I took the biggest risk of my life up until that point – dropping my Series 7, leaving the brokerage business and joining a Registered Investment Advisory firm. I was making a big change, from broker to advisor. I had known it was time to do this for years. But I just wasn’t sure how. I did it anyway. And 10 years ago this August I had a new ca...

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The other day, we had an situation where a client was issuing orders that didn’t sound right to the admin whom he was speaking with. We don’t allow money to move without a verbal confirmation from clients for their own protection, which is how we picked up on the fact that something might be wrong. Upon our attempt to confirm the client’s instructions, his acknowledgment of what he was asking us to do wa...

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Animal Spirits: The Smart Money

We discuss: Is the bond market really the smart money? Why aren’t bond yields rising is inflation is coming? Can the Fed keep a lid on rising rates? Where have all the small public companies gone? The Stubstack bull market Fractional investing is a win for investors Why is gold rising? Where does GLD buy all its gold from? The eviction crisis What is Bill Gates optimistic about? What is life doesn’t get back ...